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Head of the administrative office of the DAAD-Stiftung
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Rita Hartmann

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Administrative associate and accounting manager
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Dear Visitors!

Do you still remember the wonderful time you spent in a foreign country, taking exciting, informative courses or conducting research?
Or could it be that for some personal reason you never had the opportunity to study or research abroad?
Whatever your motives might be to personally support a student or a scientist, we cordially invite you to learn more about the DAAD-Stiftung. We offer you the chance to support talented, young people in Germany and abroad and make their academic training a reality.

We would be happy to assist you!

The administrative team at the DAAD-Stiftung


Now I would like to give back


Dr. Wolfgang Knapp is not only supporting the work of the DAAD-Stiftung through a remarkably generous endowment, but also with regular donations from his foundation, GdF-Knapp Stiftung. The internationally active lawyer and DAAD alumnus considers investments in education to be of great social importance.


Stipendien-Patenschaft: This is what it means to beneficiaries


Ipeleng Kgatle is being supported by an individual scholarship (Stipendien-Patenschaft) from the DAAD-Stiftung. The South African singer offers insight into her experiences in Germany - from her studies to her spare time. She values the funding very highly and one day wants to "give back" herself.


The Huber Family meets Dr. Nimer Khraim


The atmosphere was open and warm, almost familial, when Marianne Huber and her son Markus met Nimer Khraim. He had travelled from Hannover to Bonn to meet the family of the man his scholarship was named after.


Board member Dr. Dorothea Rüland on the DAAD-Stiftung


Here you can read the latest interview with board member Dr. Dorothea Rüland on the projects of the DAAD-Stiftung. Under the theme "Friends for refugees" she describes how the DAAD-Stiftung supports others to do good.

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The scholarship from the DAAD-Stiftung has changed my life


This scholarship has played a key role in achieving my educational dreams and in standing up for my rights as a woman."


DAAD-Stiftung Flyer


The DAAD-Stiftung offers you concise information in its flyer. For friends and everyone interested we put the most relvant details on aims, projects and, of course, funding possibilities in this handy format.


We support young students and scientists in an emergency situation - with your help


For good reason, the DAAD-Stiftung has intensified its efforts to support young people who have fled from their home countries and wish to study in Germany. The DAAD-Stiftung is committed to helping talented refugees take part in propaedeutic programmes and accompanying measures at German universities.


Board member Professor Fohrmann: Interview on the DAAD-Stiftung

Uni Bonn

In the anniversary issue of the LETTER, DAAD's magazine for its alumni, Professor Fohrmann answers "3 questions to".

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Students from India visit with Chancellor Merkel

Guido Bergmann

Nine Indian master’s students of European Studies had the opportunity to meet with German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel at a photo shoot at the Chancellery in Berlin in August 2014.


Scholarship donors meet scholarship recipients

DAAD/Michael Jordan

In March 2014, two scholarship donors of the DAAD-Stiftung met the scholarship holders, whom they are supporting. The DAAD-Stiftung arranged this “meeting of the generations” during the DAAD scholarship holder meeting in Bonn.


Donations and endowments


The DAAD-Stiftung offers several ways to show your personal commitment to worldwide academic exchange. You are free to decide whether to promote the foundation’s own funding project or support another cause which is important to you.