The DAAD-Stiftung is an exclusively operative organisation which offers both sponsors and donors different ways to support young students and researchers.

The basic premise of the DAAD-Stiftung is that public authorities cannot be held solely responsible for adequately funding projects which promote international understanding, cooperation and transnational education. Therefore the DAAD-Stiftung is devoted to provide sponsors the opportunity to help young, talented academics in Germany and around the world advance their academic career by means of a donation or endowment.

The DAAD-Stiftung currently offers three primary funding options:


Individual Scholarship Sponsoring / Special funding measures

You can either make a donation of a certain amount or provide capital for an endowment, the returns of which can be used to finance measures on a regular basis, such as

  • a summer school scholarship (in general starting at € 2,000)
  • a semester scholarship (in general starting at € 10,000)
  • a full-year scholarship (in general starting at € 20,000)
  • an academic (research) project

How you define your sponsorship or funding project is basically up to you.
If you wish, you can arrange to have your donation or endowment used for a specific purpose, which you may stipulate in a grant agreement with the DAAD-Stiftung. Depending on the type of your donation as well as its intended funding purpose your project may bear a name of your choosing.

Notfall-Fonds (Emergency Fund)

A few years ago the DAAD-Stiftung established a special funding project of its own called the “Emergency Fund”. This fund supports students and researchers who find themselves faced with unexpected hardship through no fault of their own. If you would like to support this funding program, we would be happy for any donation you could spare. Also so-called small amounts are more than welcome. They will be added to the fund until enough money has been raised to provide emergency financing to a student in need.

Support of academic events

Young students or scientists organizing a special event to enhance international academic exchange may contact the DAAD-Stiftung.

Under certain circumstances we can help finance

scientific/artistic conferences - thanks to free donations.


Every contribution counts.