Garissa Master Scholarship Kenya


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Garissa Master Scholarship Kenya by the DAAD-Stiftung

After the devastating attack by terrorist militia al Shabaab on the Kenyan University of Garissa in 2015, the DAAD e.V. helped students to find their way back to normal with a support program. Several hundred particularly needy students received funding and were able to successfully complete their first academic degree with a DAAD scholarship.

In the spirit of civil society engagement, the DAAD-Stiftung (DAAD foundation) awards a follow‑up grant for Master studies to a number of these students in order to make it easier for these young academics to continue their studies.

The DAAD-Stiftung pursues similar purposes as its trustee, the DAAD e.V., but is characterized by the fact that the available funds are provided by private donors. These donations can be used by the DAAD-Stiftung for individual scholarships. The DAAD-Stiftung and the DAAD e.V. work closely together to implement this funding, in specific with the regional office Nairobi and the Africa unit at the headquarters in Bonn.

The DAAD-Stiftung is proud that thanks to a notable sum of generous donations it is possible to support the decent number of seven students to thrive for their own future as well as the benefit for their country. This positive percepton is mutual as you can see in first interim reports of two of our beneficiaries:

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Garissa Geförderter

Johnson Ngumbau Munyoki at the Moi University

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It is the Garissa Master Scholarship’s aim to support young students in striving for academic achievements in the fields of sustainability and other in order to contribute to the development of their home country. The scholarship holders shall be determined to get engaged in careers which are relevant for economic and environmental (preferably climate) sustainability for the future in their area. The call was also open for applications in subject groups which play another kind of significant role in the future development of their home country or region.

This scholarship was designed as a one-off initiative for studies running from September 2021 till the end of the summer semester 2023.

The funding goes to successful graduates (Bachelor’s degree, at least second class upper) from Kenya who are alumni of the Garissa Scholarship by DAAD e.V. who proved motivation and strong commitment for Master studies at a public university in Kenya.

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Garissa Auswahlsitzung_
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The applications were reviewed by independent experts mandated by the DAAD-Stiftung through the DAAD Office Nairobi. Scholarships are initially granted for one year and can be extended to a maximum of the regular period of study upon receipt of an application for extension. Scholars must demonstrate satisfactory progress before an extension is granted.

It is very rewarding to the DAAD-Stiftung to contribute to the education of ambitious Kenyan students who want to make a change.

In the spring of 2022, it was possible to grant an extension of the scholarship for all beneficiaries. On behalf of the DAAD-Stiftung, the DAAD Nairobi was able to meet the funding recipients in Kenya and reports on this.

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As of May 2022