Max G. Huber Scholarship


The Max G. Huber Scholarship was awarded for the first time one year after the death of the former DAAD vice president. This was made possible by his family who asked for in lieu of flowers donation to the DAAD-Stiftung in the death notice.
The DAAD-Stiftung considers this a huge honor as well as a chance to inspire others to share a special occasion by donating in lieu and raising funds for a good cause.

Professor Huber’s family was and will be involved in the arrangement of the scholarship. The funds are generally free of a concrete purpose which provides the DAAD-Stiftung with the opportunity to support young students and scientists regardless of their destination country, subject area, study status or similar criteria. It is more than likely that this approach is one Professor Huber would have appreciated.

The DAAD-Stiftung hopes to raise enough money among friends of the DAAD as well as the DAAD-Stiftung and companions of Professor Huber to permanently establish the Max G. Huber Scholarship.

From 1996 onwards, Professor Huber was DAAD Vice President for four full terms of office, a total of 16 years, combining great strength with passionate commitment. As Vice Chancellor of the University of Bonn and as a physicist who had excellent international connections, Professor Huber met all the requirements for the position of DAAD Vice President. He had valuable experience in higher education and research management, a rich network of personal and professional contacts throughout the world and a visionary view of developments in Germany’s academic system. One of his key objectives was to strengthen the international competitiveness of Germany as a place to study and to attract “smart minds” to German universities. Professor Huber was a trailblazer in believing that a systematically planned and institutionally anchored marketing strategy was essential to ensure Germany’s international success as a place to study and do research. At that time, this was a topic that was new to German universities. And it was a topic to which Professor Huber applied himself with enthusiasm and verve, not least in his capacity as the Federal Government’s national commissioner for international university marketing. In 2012, Professor Huber was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, First Class, for his outstanding work.

Professor Huber was closely linked to the DAAD throughout his life. He held a position of responsibility for many years, and was in charge of leading the dynamic development of the DAAD from a scholarship organisation to a highly valued agency for international academic collaboration.

Above all, Max Huber was a very fine and modest person, a real gentleman. He was outgoing and friendly towards everybody; his friendly, warm manner won many friends for the DAAD worldwide.

Even for the DAAD-Stiftung Professor Huber mattered a great deal. He was one of the co-initiators of the first and so far only charity concert in favor of the DAAD-Stiftung at the Bonn Minster.

Professor Max G. Huber, who would have turned 80 on 25 June, rendered outstanding services for science, the German universities and our country. The DAAD had in him not only a tireless campaigner for international academic collaboration, but also a warm-heated and truly great personality.

The DAAD-Stiftung is proud to carry on his legacy through this scholarship.