DAAD/Michael Jordan

It brings great joy to Prof. Johansen to work with the DAAD-Stiftung in bringing Yakutian researchers in contact with a foreign culture. Dr. Galina Belolyubskaya (left) and Frau Prof. Johansen (†)

Prof. Dr. Ulla C. Johansen created the Ulla-Johansen-Scholarship in 2012. The six-month research scholarship helps young scholars continue their research work while gaining intercultural experience in Germany. The Ulla-Johansen-Scholarship is targeted at doctoral candidates specialised in the areas of Ethnology, Music, Social Sciences, Linguistics or History.

Born in Tallinn in 1927 (passed in Cologne in 2021), Ms. Johansen has always shown an interest in other peoples and cultures. Even in her younger years, she was dedicated to promoting international understanding. After completing her studies in Ethnology in Hamburg, she went on to earn her doctorate with a dissertation on the “Ornamental Style of the Yukuts”. In 1973, Ms. Johansen was appointed chair of Ethnological Studies at the University of Cologne where she also served as director of the university’s Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology until 1990. Prof. Dr. Ulla Johansen was a DAAD scholarship holder herself from 1956 to 1957 and served on numerous DAAD selection committees in the following years.

The announcement of the Ulla-Johansen-Scholarship can be found on the website of DAAD's Moscow Office (in Russian).